Dynamic . Innovative . Customer Focused

Thaitan International Pte. Ltd. (TIPL) was officially established in Singapore in November 2020 with the incorporation of an existing joint venture between Thaitan Drilling Co. Ltd. and Kim Heng Marine & Oilfield Pte. Ltd., a partnership which had been formed to provide customers in the energy and utilities sectors with a complete, integrated package of Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) services.

TIPL is able to draw on the combined expertise, equipment and experience of both partners to offer our customers a full range of HDD services for oil & gas, power, telecommunications and water projects, both onshore and offshore.

Kim Heng (based in Singapore) owns a large fleet of multi-purpose barges and support vessels and has a strong fabrication, procurement, logistics and project management capability. Thaitan Drilling (based in Thailand) owns and operates a growing fleet of HDD rig spreads in the region and has an extensive HDD project track record.

In 2023, TIPL expanded its service offering to include the provision of Direct Pipe services, an alternative trenchless construction solution for the installation of large diameter pipeline crossings. The Direct Pipe method combines the benefits of both HDD and micro-tunnelling to create a single-pass, one-step process using a steerable tunnel boring machine.

TIPL’s leadership and project management teams comprise highly skilled professionals with a wealth of project experience. The company’s headquarters and marine services base are located in Singapore while the main HDD and Direct Pipe equipment storage and maintenance facility is based in Thailand. From these locations we are well positioned to mobilise our equipment and personnel quickly and cost-efficiently to project locations throughout the Asia Pacific region.

We are an ambitious, dynamic, customer focused company, constantly striving to improve our performance and exceed the expectations of our customers and other stakeholders.

Our Aim

To make a significant and sustainable contribution to the trenchless construction sector and continue to be a contractor of choice by adding value for our shareholders, customers and other stakeholders through the successful delivery of HDD and Direct Pipe projects in a safe, timely, reliable, cost-effective and responsible manner.



Our top priority in the execution of our projects is to protect the health and safety of our employees, as well as those of our customers and third parties on our worksites, and the surrounding community.


We constantly strive to deliver projects which exceed expectations by maintaining a focus on customer requirements, regulatory compliance, best industry practices, quality and continuous improvement in everything we do.


We understand that our activities can have an impact on our communities and the environment and we care profoundly about environmental protection and compliance in all respects.


The company’s development is based on respect for all stakeholders, including our employees, customers, partners, government authorities, communities and the environment.


We value relationships and communication based on integrity, honesty, transparency, cooperation and mutual benefit.


By supporting our employees with the necessary training, resources, opportunities and motivation,  we aim to foster loyalty, commitment, innovation, efficiency and responsibility in the workplace, resulting in a happy, productive workforce that cares about our values and our customers.