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HDD Rig Spreads

With an impressive fleet of HDD rigs, ranging from 35T to 340T capacity, maintained and operated by dedicated teams of skilled and experienced personnel, we are able to install pipelines and conduits of all sizes through virtually any geological formation.

Our rigs are produced by high-quality manufacturers – Vermeer, American Augers and Prime Drilling – with auxiliary equipment and drilling tools also sourced from other reputable, specialist vendors. The equipment is simple and safe to operate, robust, durable and suitable for deployment in all types of environmental conditions. A modular, highly mobile design enables easy, quick and cost-efficient transportation and set-up.

We take great pride in our equipment, always ensuring that it is well maintained and in excellent condition prior to mobilising for any project. This contributes greatly to our high performance levels on site in terms of productivity, efficiency, reliability, safety, and ultimately successful project delivery.

Vermeer D80X100

Vermeer D130 X 150

Vermeer D220X300

Prime Drilling PD150

American Augers DD440T

Vermeer D750X900

Marine Support Spreads

In addition to our HDD assets we have access to a range of offshore support vessels, including specially modified, fit-for-purpose crane barges, tugs, supply vessels, crew transfer vessels and other utility boats from Kim Heng’s extensive marine fleet. From their shipyards in Singapore, Kim Heng are able to undertake all fabrication, barge modification, maintenance and mobilisation works to a high standard and in a timely manner to meet our project and customer requirements.

Direct Pipe Equipment

Our Direct Pipe equipment from Herrenknecht includes 2 no. AVN800DP MTBMs (microtunneling machines), 1 no. HK500PT (500T capacity) pipe thruster and 1 no. HK750 (750T capacity) pipe thruster, currently capable of installing 36” pipelines up to 1000m and 1500m in length respectively, depending on the ground conditions. When deployed in tandem, and combined with larger size MTBMs, the thrusters can install pipelines of up to 48” OD and 60”OD respectively over crossing lengths exceeding 2000m.